Mojo adds less than 3 Kg to the weight of your bicycle. This is a little more than the lightest hub motors that are ~2.5Kg

Mojo more than pulls its weight!


decibels won't mean much, but in comparitive terms Mojo is quieter than the clicking of a freewheel. It is not even as loud as the noise of the tyre on the road.

Even on quiet lanes you won't hear the motor noise.


The standard Mojo has a continuous rated output power of 250 Watts but is also capable of peaks of 500 Watts against headwind or when climbing hills. Mojo can deliver a torque (twisting force) of 48-70 Nm: that compares with a typical hub motor of 20-25Nm

No wonder it climbs hills so well!

Mojos are available in power ratings up to 750 Watts

Choice of batteries:

Any 36V battery that can deliver a continuous 500 Watts can be used. We recommend Lithium batteries for their light weight and small size. Our standard battery uses the most stable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry


The pedal sensor needs just 30° rotation to activate leading to a more responsive Automatic operation. A speed sensor limits range of assistance: this is adjustable to suit type of use.

Controlled Assistance:

Four levels of assistance are selected on the console by press button. This can be set from 1 to 9.


The chainring has a freewheel so your feet won't get pushed round by the motor - safer, simpler.

Fuel gauge:

Battery symbol shows 5 steps of remaining battery charge.


Backlight for night-time visibility. Display time can be set in steps from 'never' to 'always'

Brake switches:

Operating either lever instantly cuts motor power. Retro-fit sensors let you keep your existing levers or you can use the switched levers provided.